Warehousing is an essential service that allows businesses to manage the distribution of goods to consumers. Nevertheless, warehousing involves more than just the holding of goods in a storage facility. Baltic offer order fulfillment services to its clients. This includes order processing, packaging and labeling, and shipment.

Contract Warehousing

Baltic Limited offer contract warehousing to companies desiring to establish distribution centers in Mombasa. This means a business can set up a warehouse facility overnight and start delivering goods to consumers within a few days. This assist businesses reach their consumers as fast as possible before competitors infiltrate the same niche.

Cross docking

Baltic allows clients to route products from one or multiple manufacturing sites to a strategically located distribution center. This service makes financial sense to manufacturers who do not have the physical space, equipment, and labor required to undertake special order fulfillment. This is in addition to manufacturers who require unloading and merging of bulk shipments.


Baltic offer transport services to its clients. Depending on a client’s needs, allowing our clients to track movement of goods from one location to another in real


We transfer goods from one mode of transport to another, for instance,